i just went through your whole blog and wow your art style is making me fall in love

ahhhh thank you!!! screams a lot im falling in love with you too!!!!!! thanks!!!

i am sorry if this is a weird message, but i was looking through your metastuck tag and saw you refer to an overweight char as a hambeast and i know thats a silly word but its hurtful. but the post is 2 yrs old so i am wondering if that is still a word you would use today or something you think about overweight people. sorry if this does not make sense

oh gosh…im really sorry about that! its definitely not a word i would use now, theres actually a few other stuff im a bit wary of in metastuck to be honest when i think about it now (but it still holds a place in my heart….). but yeah, referring a character as a “hambeast” is neither funny or nice and awfully fatphobic and i really, really apologize for that. i didnt mean to hurt anyones feelings and i shouldnt have done that but i know better now. thank you for telling me!

I’m finally doing commissions! Prices are all listed above but might be raised depending on the complexity of the character. I will draw fanart or original characters as long as you provide references.

Please email me at j0z196@yahoo.com if you are interested; payments will be also be sent via paypal through this address! If you have questions, go ahead and ask me, but if you are commissioning, please email me so it’s easier for me to keep track.

For more examples, check out my art blog, fanart blog, and this art tag. If you see anything you like in there that is not listed above, feel free to request me and we can work out prices.